About Me

Bridging UX and Data Science

"Great products live at the intersection of people and data."

I have worked in both academia and industry, am experienced with both qualitative and quantitative methods, and have collaborated in fields as diverse as medicine, neuroscience, travel, and video games.

From these experiences, I've learned that the key to creating valuable insights comes through mixed methods, interdisciplinary work, communication, and empathy.

A scientist at heart, I hope to use my knowledge, skills, and experience to quantify the user experience and make things that are useful, useable, and delightful.


My process

1. Define Goals

Meet with stakeholders to define relevant business and research goals.

4. Analyze and Visualize

Use statistical analysis and data exploration tools to discover valuable insights and see what stories the data are telling.

2. Create Plans

Create a map of the what the research process will look like, and try to identify any potential roadblocks.

5. Communicate Findings

Communicate findings in a clear, persuasive, and actionable way, with direct links from research findings to design implications.

3. Do Research

Conduct research, selecting the most appropriate qualitative or quantitative method to use.

6. Learn & Improve

Reflect on what went well, what can be improved, and lessons learned.