WB Interactive Entertainment
Quantitative Insights

Role: User Research Assistant

Project Goals



Building the Tool

Tool Features

  • Run statistical tests
  • Build and customize graphs
  • Merge, sort, filter, search, and explore data

Game development cycles are fast, and the turnaround time for research is often very short. Motivated to empower the researchers on my team, I started with a series of questions:

"How can we make better use of our quantitative data?"
"How can we increase the efficiency of reporting insights?"
"What is the relationship between our product metrics?"

With these questions, I observed the researchers analyze and report data, and learned where I could impact the process. After several iterations of building prototypes and refining them through feedback, I delivered a tool.

Using the Tool

Improving Product

The tool helped to tease apart more complex usability issues on an in-development game through multivariate statistics.

Speeding up the analysis process, it also allowed for a higher volume of usability issues and insights to be reported to the development team.

Improving Process

The tool sped up data cleaning/processing and improved graph generation efficiency by 10x.

It empowered researchers to better integrate statistics into their analysis process and triangulate qualitative data with quantitative data.

Improving Metrics

The tool helped validate KPI metrics and identify closely related metrics to simplify survey design.

It allowed for larger scale analysis on pre-existing data to uncover metric patterns across multiple game genres and titles.